Community Involvement

Empowering Others Through Community Engagement

Discover how Women’s Network of York drives positive change and makes a lasting impact through community involvement. Explore our partnerships with scholarships, non-profits, and other meaningful causes that reflect our commitment to creating a stronger, more vibrant community.

Non-Profit Partnerships

At Women’s Network of York, we understand that collaboration is at the heart of community growth. That’s why we actively partner with non-profit organizations, inviting them to our platform to share their missions, stories, and impact. By bridging our network with these remarkable organizations, we’re not only amplifying their reach but also creating opportunities for our members to contribute meaningfully to their success. Join us in making a difference and supporting these vital causes through education, awareness, and action.


  1. Education is the foundation of progress, and at Women’s Network of York, we’re committed to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Through our New Beginnings Scholarship program, we empower women in our community to pursue higher education and embrace new opportunities. By investing in these driven individuals, we’re not just changing lives; we’re transforming families and our entire community. Join us in fostering education and creating a lasting impact that echoes far beyond the classroom.

Shop for a Cause

Experience shopping like never before with Women’s Network of York’s annual Shop for a Cause event. This exciting gathering not only offers a fantastic shopping experience but also serves a higher purpose. Through this event, we raise essential funds for our New Beginnings Scholarship Fund, making education accessible for deserving women. Your participation in Shop for a Cause isn’t just about indulging in retail therapy – it’s about investing in brighter futures and empowering women to achieve their dreams. Join us in shopping with intention and creating a meaningful impact in our community.